RpT Productions  
P.O. Box 652   Salado, TX 76571   (254) 493-7729   RpT@TBC-Group.com

C&W     Jazz     R&B     Folk    Classical     Rock     Americana    Rap    Latin. . . and everything between

RpT's Library is a complete Digital Audio and High Definition Video Recording Studio that gives you the ability to capture and record your live performance in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere

Each 2-hour session includes:
- Recording of both Digital Audio & High Definition Video (up to 6 songs)
- Set up sound/lighting
- Audio Recording, Mixing/Mastering  
- Video Recording, Mixing/Mastering 

Your final products will include:
- A Master Video file of each song for uploading to your web site and   or YouTube Channel
- A Master Audio file of each song for use as you see fit

  (ReverbNation, EP. Etc.)
- Videos Uploaded to the RpT's Library YouTube Channel
- In addition, you will receive a Master file of a video interview   (approximately 5 minutes)